With the student travel product you can travel free or with a discount on public transport to and from your course. Apply for the student travel product through DUO. You will need a personal OV-chipkaart to load the student travel product onto.

You will find detailed information about the student travel product, travel and termination at

New student

  • Apply for student travel product through DUO
  • Apply for a personal OV-chipkaart through this site for € 7.50
  • Link your card number and student travel product at
  • Pick up your student travel product from a pick-up device

You are now ready to travel.

Travel as a student

  • Checking in and checking out
  • Switching between weekly and weekend passes
  • Travel on public holidays
  • Online services through your OV-chip account on this site

Tip: Link your card to your account straight away so you can use the public transport travel history, simply report your card as lost and lots more.

Card lost, broken or expired?

  • Report your card as lost or stolen through My OV-chip
  • Apply for a replacement card
  • Apply for a temporary student travel product and you can travel again within an hour

If you stop studying, terminate!

  • Terminate your student travel product yourself and in good time
  • You will do this at a pick-up device
  • Check that the termination was successful through My DUO

Tip: Terminate your student travel product yourself and in good time at a pick-up device. This way you will avoid a public transport debt!