Children, over-65s and groups

Children and passengers aged 65 or older travel at discounted fares because of their age. This discount can only be applied if you are travelling on credit with a personal OV-chipkaart. The discount applies to the basic fare and boarding fare.

Age NS Other
3 years and younger free free
4-11 years - free with Kids Vrij from NS
- Railrunner
34% discount on credit
65 or older only with a discount product 34% discount on credit

Special travel product

In some cases you will need a special travel product to travel at a discounted fare or you may travel completely free. Read about the options with your public transport company.

Group travel

A day in Amsterdam with your football team? Or a trip to the beach with your bridge club? If you travel with a group, all group members will need their own OV-chipkaart with sufficient credit or a suitable travel product. Read about travel products with group discounts with  your transport company

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