Business OV-chipkaart

The business OV-chipkaart will be offered to employees of companies by Business Card Providers.

If you have a business OV-chipkaart and have a question, please contact your Business Card Provider. You cannot use the online services on this website. The contact details can be found on the front of your card. 

If you are interested in a business OV-chipkaart for your organisation, please contact one of the Business Card Providers below. 

Telephone numbers Website
Arriva 088 - 277 72 72 (normal phone cost) or mail
Mobility mixx 0900 - 662 4649 (normal phone cost)
Radiuz (0)30 30 40 641 (local cost)
Regiecentrale 088 - 934 3439 (normal phone cost)
XXImo 0900 - 1980 (normal phone cost)