Credit checker

You can request the credit on your OV-chipkaart here. Enter the 16-digit number for your card and click on ‘My credit’. You will find the card number on your card.

Good to know:
Did you (just) order credit online? The credit checker will show a credit of € 0. New credit will be added after loading your order onto your card at a pick-up device.

When checking a new or renewed personal card including automatic reloading, the credit checker will show a credit of € 0.
After checking in for the first time, your card will be automatically reloaded and credit will be added to your card.

No card to hand?

Check your credit via My OV-chip

Through your OV-chip account you can see your journeys, travel costs, passes, the status and the credit on your linked cards at any time and wherever you are.

Log in and check your credit. You do not need a card number, but your card(s) must be linked!

Check your credit in the app

When you are logged into the OV-chipkaart app, you can see what your credit is in one glance at the bottom of your screen. To check the credit for another card, you can swipe through your linked cards at the bottom of your screen.

The OV-chipkaart app can be downloaded from the app store free of charge. The app can be used for personal and anonymous OV-chipkaarts. First link your card(s) by logging in using your My OV-chip account.