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Undesired use of logo and the name OV-chipkaart

TLS rejects all responsibility for products and services offered by or associated with the logo or related to the OV-chipkaart by other parties.

There are various parties that use the OV-chipkaart logo for offering products or services. There are also companies that create the impression that they are offering products or services (via the Internet) that are related to or associated with the OV-chipkaart. This makes it appear as though these parties, products or services are connected to the OV-chipkaart. We would like to point out that this is not the case: neither the OV-chipkaart nor TLS is affiliated in any way with these parties, products or websites and TLS rejects all responsibility in that respect.

TLS does not find the undesired use of the OV-chipkaart logo on these websites desirable, nor is such use permitted because it harms the independence of the OV-chipkaart. In addition, the OV-chipkaart logo is protected and cannot be used by other parties without sufficient reason. TLS (owner of the OV-chipkaart logo) consequently asks that any use of the OV-chipkaart be ceased and that the name of the OV-chipkaart not be used without permission.

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