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Translink was set up in 2001 to create the national OV-chipkaart system for public transport. Translink is responsible for the integral coherence of the entire system and for the issuing of the OV-chipkaart, which is required to make use of the payment system.

Two billion transactions

Translink has now been the connecting force behind the OV-chipkaart for more than 15 years and Translink processes around two billion journeys (and associated financial transactions) every year. And with the wealth of knowledge, experience and data that Translink has built up doing this, Translink puts its heart and soul into working towards innovations, such as paying with your bank card or smartphone. Because carefree travel is something everyone wants!

Unique alliance

All public transport companies have been members of the Cooperative of Public Transport Companies since 1 January 2016 and together own Translink. A sustainable and unique alliance of all public-transport operators in the Netherlands. By joining forces, the Cooperative aims to make payment for public transport quicker and cheaper. This means working together on innovation and cost reduction at the same time, for all passengers in the Netherlands. Because, whether it’s commuters, students, recreational travellers or tourists, Translink is there for everyone.


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